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As of January 2016, according to NYS Mold Bill S3667, all mold projects are required to involve a licensed, third-party assessor through the New York State Department of Labor. Turn Key Home & Mold Inspections is fully qualified to provide professional mold assessments before any mold remediation takes place. We protect you by providing an independent assessment of the mold in your property. We’ll confirm the presence of mold and make recommendations regarding the proper treatment of the mold. Once your remediation company has completed their work, we can re-assess the space to ensure all mold is gone. Our mold assessments provide you with peace of mind both before and after mold remediation on your property.

Although you may want to skip the mold inspection process and move straight to mold remediation as a precaution, that’s not the way it works. For your protection, it’s actually a requirement in New York State that mold testing be done before remediation can be authorized. You couldn’t ask for a more qualified team than Turn Key Home & Mold Inspections to manage your commercial or residential mold testing. We’ll come to the project with a number of benefits for you and the health and safety of your building, including:

  • 21 years of experience

  • A commitment to honest testing

  • Timely and accurate results

  • Service seven days a week

  • Emergency mold inspection (as needed)

  • And much more!

Most importantly, we avoid a conflict of interest by keeping our mold detection services separate from any subsequent mold cleanup and remediation work that might be needed. It just doesn’t make sense to use the same contractor for both your mold inspection and your mold removal efforts. By relying on the honest mold testing technicians at Turn Key Home & Mold Inspections, you’re safeguarded against unscrupulous mold testing companies that could try to take advantage of your fears. Not only do we give you documentation of a mold problem and connect you to reputable remediation companies, but we also come back to conduct a second mold inspection as a follow up to the mold removal. Our mold detection job isn’t over until the tests allow us to give our customers in Buffalo, NY a clean bill of health. 

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Certified Mold Inspection & Testing

When unfavorable moisture conditions exist, it’s common for mold to develop and spread. What matters most with the infiltration of mold is that you recognize the health hazards and bring in a knowledgeable mold detection professional to assess the damage. With Turn Key Home & Mold Inspections in charge of your mold inspection and testing, you can rest easy. We’re one of the Southern Tier’s most competent and capable mold testing companies, licensed by the state of New York as a mold assessor (license #MA00578) and fully insured. We also have more than two decades of experience on the job. When it comes to tracking down your mold problem, we won’t miss a thing!

Once you have the facts about the mold in your building, you’re well on your way to getting the issue resolved. Let Turn Key Home & Mold Inspections arm you with the whole truth, including recommended remediation strategies. Nobody cares more about your mold testing concerns in the Buffalo region and beyond. Contact us today for mold inspection service that’s second to none.

And don’t forget…your home mold inspection or commercial mold inspection is included free with your whole-house property inspection. It’s the best value going in local real estate inspection services.

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Mold Inspection Buffalo, NY

If you suspect a mold problem at your home or business, calling a mold testing company is your first priority. After all, examining the affected areas through mold inspection will let you know how much mold there is and what that means for your property. In and around Buffalo, Turn Key Home & Mold Inspections offers comprehensive mold inspection and testing for residential and commercial customers alike. Whether you’d like black mold testing before buying a house or you need mold detection done as part of an overall building inspection, we can take care of everything from the initial tests to the remediation recommendations to the final mold inspection after any mitigation occurs. Why not contact one of our mold detection specialists today to discuss your situation? We’d be happy to tell you more about our mold testing services and give you a free estimate right up front.


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