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Do I Need Mold Testing?

Updated: May 25, 2022

Indoor air quality testing for mold should be considered if there are indicators of potential mold growth, but there are no visual signs of mold. A few common mold concerns include a strong odor of mildew or if you had an ongoing leak or plumbing issue. There are also individuals with allergies to mold, respiratory issues/asthma or compromised immune systems. If you have concerns then air testing is recommended.

Air testing equipment for mold
Indoor air testing for mold

Air testing will determine the presence of mold and the concentration level of mold spores in the air. In addition, there are instances where individuals need documentation that mold is present, for example when selling your home or rental properties. Mold testing is also completed pre and post mold remediation projects to document the complete and proper removal of mold.

Turn Key Home and Mold Inspections is a NYS licensed mold inspector that offers both indoor air quality testing and surface sample testing for mold. We provide an extensive report that includes the types of mold found and concentration level of spores throughout the rooms tested. There is no price tag for peace of mind, so in order to be assured contact Turn Key Home and Mold Inspections to schedule mold testing for your home.

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Verify Air Quality Test
Verify Air Quality Test
Mar 06, 2021

Mold can then grow in the unaffected areas causing further mold damage and poor indoor air quality in those areas.

Inhaling mold spores can lead to negative health issues. Call us today for an indoor air quality test of your home. We can find out if mold spores are affecting your indoor air quality. Indoor Mold testing in Toronto

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