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Why You Should Not Use A DIY Mold Testing Kit

Updated: May 25, 2022

Many homeowners think they can save money by purchasing their own DIY mold testing kit and conduct the testing themselves. However, that is a waste of time and money and instead of saving money, you will be throwing it away.

In addition, to providing accurate reporting, it is recommended to have a mold professional conduct the testing, so they can also interpret the results. A licensed mold inspector will also conduct a visual inspection which requires special instruments including moisture meters, hygrometers and other tools crucial in determining the root of the problem.The reality is that mold is all around us and every home has mold, therefore an in home mold test can come back saying you have mold growth, but that is meaningless since it is everywhere.

In conclusion, it is best to contact a mold professional such as Turn Key Home and Mold Inspections. We will use the proper equipment, collection of samples and send it to a certified lab. We will also go over any questions you may have, to ensure you fully understand your mold testing report.

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